Customer Reviews

I live in Chiddingfold and I have found the Airseptor to be a great system, it is just like being on main drains!

Gary Adamson - Chiddingfold

We have had an Airseptor sewage treatment plant for eight years. The system was very simply fitted into our existing cess-pit. There was no significant disturbance to our garden and all that was needed was a 240v electricity supply to operate a small, quiet air compressor and an easily buried 30mm plastic pipe to carry the clean, treated water into a gully at the end of the garden. The entire system is fully Environment Agency compliant. We have been delighted with our experience of the Airseptor system. The installation cost was significantly less than that of comparable new tank systems and running and annual maintenance costs are very low. CH Services have provided a very efficient and friendly service throughout and we would have no hesitation in recommending their system. 

David Hughes - Soberton Heath

I installed an Airseptor system about 5 years ago to convert my existing septic tank to a sewage treatment plant. It was a great alternative to installing an entirely new sewage system which I was advised to do by another professional, at a much more affordable price. The system has worked well during this period, and more importantly, on the couple of occasions when issues have cropped up, CH Services have been very responsive (visiting either on the day or the day after the call) and have taken appropriate action straight away with zero fuss. Very happy.

Elizabeth Cook  - Chiddingfold

CH Services converted our foul water tank into a sewage treatment plant using the Airseptor system. They were efficient, punctual, pleasant and very competitive so we can strongly recommend them


Robert Walker - Chiddingfold

A very old septic Tank, shared by two pensioner households, was replaced with an Airseptor in October with the minimum of fuss and very efficiently. We are delighted with the result. We can strongly recommend C Humphrey Services.


Audrey Butler - Lickfold